Sunday, January 27, 2008

Bernina 830 & 930; Don't Try These At Home!

Bernina 830 & 930

Unbalanced Buttonhole- If stitch density on one side of the buttonhole is tighter or looser than the other side, and you are using the correct foot and technique. This is a very painstaking adjustment that requires a special tool.

Machine is dead- If your machine’s light works OK, but the machine will not run, you probably will want to take it to a service person who can diagnose the exact problem. It’s expensive to replace parts at random.

Motor Noises- Any unusual noise (buzzing, growling, squeaking, grinding, etc.) is indicative of a problem that is not just going to go away. It will probably get worse although you may continue to use it for some time.

Major Breakage- It is very common for a machine to fall off the table, be damaged in transit, or meet with some other misfortune. If a major body part, such as the handwheel, bobbin winder, take-up lever, pressure lifter, etc. is broken, then it’s a job for a repairman.

Tight Spot- When turning the machine by hand, if it gets suddenly tighter at the same spot in its revolution, and there is not thread caught around the take-up assembly or handwheel, then the news could be bad.

Timing- When the upper thread will not loop around the bobbin or pull up the bobbin thread, or a new straight needle hits or catches something down in the machine then it’s usually a "timing" problem. There are several interrelated adjustments to be made in this event, and I do not believe it should be tried at home. The potential for doing more damage is too great for someone without experience in sewing machine repair.


James Anderson said...

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Jackson Leavitt said...

Where can I buy a bernina sewing machine in Orlando, FL? I am trying to find one for my grandma because she needs a new one.

tibby said...

Any suggestions on a needle position knob that won't work? IT will not turn to the left at all, but will turn to the right, but springs back.

Albert einstien said...

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hely fely said...

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jean said...

When I sew for your 30minutes,the machine will just slow down and quit sewing.

Candis Robbins said...

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Tom Carbone said...

Hi, nice information here

I have a nice condition 1979 830 RE

I am getting regular jamming of the top thread around hook assembly.

Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks, Tom

Pearl Bellelo said...

Having trouble getting the bobbin winder arm to work right. If I take the top off, my 930 runs as it should, if I put the top on, it won't move, any suggestions?